CNVS is a furniture brand developed by ATÖLYE and crafted in partnership with local fabricators, to meet the needs of modern work and education workspaces.

Canvas is the background, open to endless variations, the minimum infrastructure to hold the space together. Alternately, CNVs can be interpreted through its meaning in biology: Copy Number Variations (CNVs), used to describe the variation in the number of the copies of a particular gene in the DNA of an individual.

CNVS is defined by its modular, flexible and minimal nature: it effortlessly fades into background while offering maximum permutation potential.
CNVS’s main principle is to design dynamic and multifunctional furnitures to keep up with the changing working habits and to foster interaction. All CNVS designs include wheels to create optimum flexibility, and use ecological materials such as FSC-approved plywood, recycled OSB and locally sourced metal. All pieces are crafted by local craftsmen, and go through rigorous user-testing procedures to create the best possible experience within work environments.

Engin Ayaz, Nesile Yalçın, Berna Erenoğlu, Begüm Ural, Elif Karaköse, Busra Tunç, Ece Çiftçi, Özgür Önurme, Bilge Nur Saltık, Rezzan Hasoğlu, Yağız Özkan, Mina Ada Yancı, Salih Küçüktuna, Kerem Alper, Ahmet Alpat, Tayfur Sömer, Selim Keskinoğlu, Yüksel Demirel, KBS, Yerçekim Fotoğraf